Connect with Cru Peeps at Workplace Social Site

What is Workplace?

Workplace is a Facebook tool which is free for all non-profits. It allows all of us in Cru to connect with each other to collaborate, encourage, and just have fun. By joining groups, you’ll build a news feed of topics that interest you. Connect through group discussions, chat, phone, and video.

Have you joined into the fun and collaboration on Workplace? If you’re on staff with a email address, just hop on over to Workplace for Cru ( to explore the different groups. Check back occasionally for new groups, like a future one for Cru19. A lot is happening. I’ll give you a little taste of what I know about Workplace…

I decided to create two of my own groups recently, Hey Neighbor and Birders @ Cru.

Hey, Neighbor

Hey, Neighbor is for you. Four hundred of us have an active Facebook group at Lake Hart for over-the-backyard-fence conversations. It’s been a blessing to me, so I thought I’d create a group for all of Cru. In our smaller group we’ve asked for recommendations (plumbers, pet-sitters, Bible studies for teen girls,…). We’ve passed along opportunities and other information.

So, I envision Hey, Neighbor as a group:

  • for tips when you travel
  • for insiders’ tips for visiting or relocating to a new city
  • for news about discounts and other deals
  • when you need to ask staff for a church recommendation for your newly-launched graduate
  • much more.

Birders @ Cru

If you’re a birder, we’d love to hear of your birding adventures and see your photos at Birders @ Cru. Maybe we can organize some trips together, too. Recommend trails. Swap your birding stories.

Explore Your Creative Side

Two groups I’m involved in have some activities that might interest the Creatives among us.

Cru Photographers Network

Join with others who have a passion for photography at Cru Photographers Network. Share your work to ask for feedback or to pass along tips.

One of the members gave a lighting workshop in June (watch the video).

Participate in a monthly themed photo challenge.

Artists on Staff

Artists on Staff is for those “who make art or wish they did.”

Right now, we’re celebrating “Arts-ober” with daily prompts to encourage each other toward image-making. Join in by making something creative and posting it under each prompt throughout October. So far, we’ve done “poisonous” and “tranquil” for October 1 and 2. There’s no pressure to do this every day or to be accomplished. It’s an exercise and encouragement to create.

We’re having a lot of fun and inspiration. Join our community.

Some Cru Workplace Groups

I’ll list some of the groups I know about (alphabetically). This is not an exhaustive list; I hope it’s enough to pique your interest.

Has this post been helpful? Did you know about Workplace?

What do you think?

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