How to Search Google Like a Pro

How to Search Google Like a Pro

Do you know about refining your Google searches? Take some time to learn the characters and other tips mentioned in the following infographic. (I’ll add some extra tips after the infographic, too.)

One way to read my post is to open the infographic in another tab (see NOTE for how to do this). All tips have a sample in brackets for you to paste into Google search. If you see local advertising at the top of the search page, the results you’re looking for are underneath.

Useful Tips for Everyone

Search Operators

  • Use quotation marks when looking for an exact phrase. Combine this operator with other operators.
    • {“to be or not to be”}
  • Add a hyphen to exclude a term (or terms) from your search.
    • {impala -car}
  • Want to find a blog like one of your favorites? Try the related operator.
    • {}
  • Narrow a search by asking for a specific location.
    • {restaurants location:gruene, texas}
  • Want a PDF file from a favorite topic? Specify the file type.
    • {calendar AND filetype:xls}
  • Two dots returns a number range for dates, currency, etc.
    • {clothing styles 1935..1950}
  • Can’t remember the whole quote? Use * to find the missing phrase.
    • {all the great things are simple, * single word * freedom *}
  • OR in capital letters returns pages that have only one or the other.
    • {apples michigan OR washington}

Search Features

  • Search social media {@Twitter Roosevelt}
  • Search for a price {camera $200}
  • Weather {weather timbuktu}.
  • Time {time reykjavik}.
  • Sunset {sunset chicago}.
  • Dictionary {define paradigm}
  • Translations {translate ciao bella}
  • Flight status {sas 751}

Calculations and Conversions

  • Use +, -, *, / and () for equations {(92+14)/3}
  • Convert measurements {5 mach to mph}

Learn a few more tips at the end of the infographic with some specific tips for bloggers.


Bonus Tips for Everyone

  • Add + to include a term in your search. Also use quote marks or parentheses if needed.
    • {blogging + SEO}
  • AND is the default in Google, but you might need it for a complex search.
    • {jaguar -car AND “South America” AND filetype:pdf}
  • Timer {30 minute timer}
  • Stop watch {stopwatch}
  • Map {map:portland or}
  • Residential phone numbers {rphonebook:Dave Smith Burke VA}

Useful Tips for Bloggers

Try these helpful tips for bloggers:

  • Want to know if other sites are linking to your blog?
    • {link:yourblogname}
  • Look for other blog posts with your search term in their title.
    • {inposttitle:prayers for easter}
  • Use the following formula to see how Google has indexed posts or pages on your blog. You may discover duplicate content.
    • {site:yourblogname “content search”}

Google Images

Click on “images” in the upper right corner of a Google search to upload a photo to identify a plant, landmark, or other image by your photo. I like to identify wildflowers after a hike . To try this feature for yourself, go to Google Images.

To learn more about searches, why not “google” about it?

NOTE: I found the How to be a Google Power User infographic on WhoIsHostingThis. To see the infographic in another tab. Paste the URL for the infographic in your browser and then click on it to zoom in.

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