Moto G6 Review

My old Moto G phone had been acting up for a few months. My trusty phone could no longer handle more demanding apps. My contacts were displaying two screens on top of each other.

Also, our point-and-shoot camera died, so I decided the time was right. I upgraded my Android phone to have a more capable phone and to replace our camera as well. I decided on the Moto G6.

I’m writing a review in case any of you are looking for a new Android phone. My research and recommendation could save you some time.

Moto G6 Review

This phone has a slot for a micro SD card. I bought a 64 GB phone; it’s got enough capacity without the card. I don’t do gaming or watch videos. I do want to use the phone for recording audio and video. I’m going to wait and see before I decide if I need the card.

I like the fingerprint reader to open the phone. I tried the split screen view, which is a nice feature. Digital Trends has a helpful article explaining more features: Here are Moto G6 tips and tricks to help you master your new phone.

Get more specifics about the Moto G6 from Motorola.

Both Motorola and Amazon are selling the Moto G6 for $180. I bought it for $20 cheaper last week. I don’t know if the price has gone up permanently.


Follow the link for the camera features, such as:

  • Selective focus
  • Panorama
  • Low light
  • Google Photos storage
  • Google Lens search by image
  • Text recognition
  • and more

I’m looking forward to trying the selective focus and the low light settings.


I liked the case I had for my old Motorola phone, so I was happy to find the same OEAGO design and for only about $4. I like the way it protects the camera and has a good gripping surface.


I’ve always used T-Mobile, so I needed a phone that was compatible. (Yes, this phone works with the corporate T-mobile plan.)


This phone is also compatible with Verizon.


  • Download the user manual here.
  • For years, I had the pay-as-you-go plan with T-Mobile because I used our landline more than I used my cell phone. The landline was becoming very expensive, so we said goodbye to that old number. (We don’t miss all the spammy calls we were receiving.) I still recommend the pay-as-you-go plan if you don’t use your cell phone much (I was paying about $100 per year). We decided I would be using my mobile phone more and switched my plan to the corporate plan.

2 thoughts on “Moto G6 Review

  1. My Nexus 6 has gotten to the point where I have to reboot it about once each week. While I have been very happy with the phone it can’t (or won’t) update to the latest Andriod OS. While I hate to part with my dear old Nexus 6, I would like the newer Android OS and I don’t like the phone occasionally locking up.
    The Moto G6 is like a lot of phone for not much money. Thanks for posting, but I would like to know what attracted you to this phone.
    What do you like about the Moto G6, what do you find annoying?


    1. Hi, Ken,

      I already had a Moto G, so a G6 was a good option for me.

      Also, I have very little spare time right now. My son told me what two phones he looked at to upgrade for his wife, so I only looked at this and the Moto X to keep my life simple. Both of my sons have had Motorolas for several years.

      What helped me when I needed to decide was the camera and the 64 GB was only $10 more than the 32 GB.

      I’ve only had it 10 days so I’m not annoyed yet and don’t necessarily expect to be. What I like: camera, fingerprint recognition to open the phone (or for opening websites instead of keying in passwords), “do not disturb”, and other features.

      Here’s a review from The Verge. I disagree with him on the camera.

      I learned this past week, that I can lay the phone face-down during a meeting to silence it. I twist my hand twice to open the camera. Two shakes turn on the flashlight. Three fingers take a screen shot. Nice!


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