Find Community on Workplace

Find Community on Workplace

This post is for Cru staff.

Are you going stir-crazy? Tired of Minesweeper or Words with Friends? Is your downtime getting you down?

SO, why not find an affinity group, or start one on Workplace? Workplace has groups for birders, artists, cat lovers, writers, readers, adoptive parents, and more. About a year ago, I made a group for birders on Workplace. Twenty of us went birding one morning at Cru19. It was a blast to share our hobby together.

Why not start a group? Maybe you’d like to find staff who are cyclists or who are homeschoolers. I don’t believe anyone has started these groups yet. I’ll list groups below the photo that I know about to help you find an affinity group to join.

P.S. I have Workplace groups for and for my new blog, which will start next week.

Affinity Groups on Cru’s Workplace

Sign in to Workplace and search for these groups.

  • Actors on Staff
  • Artists on Staff
  • Birders on Staff
  • Board Gamers
  • Called to Write – The Ministry of Writing
  • Cats Cats cats
  • Coffee: Blessed Are the coffeemakers
  • Cru Adoptive and/or Foster Parent Group
  • Cru Fantasy/Science Fiction Readers
  • Cru Memes and Gifs
  • Dogs Dogs Dogs
  • House Swap
  • Leaders Are Readers
  • Movie Fans
  • Photographers Network

Photo by Alessandra Caretto on Unsplash

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