Text-to-Give in Time for EOYA

Text-to-Give for Your MPD Toolkit

Cru has a new Text-to-Give service available for all U.S. supported staff: U.S. full-time and part-time staff, stinters, interns, et cetera. Add this new tool to your year-round MPD toolkit (message and data rates may apply).

What This Service Means to You

Cru’s texting service allows your financial ministry partner to donate by texting your name to 71326. They will then receive an auto-reply text with a direct link to your give page on give.cru.org. If your partner is comfortable with donating from their phone, this couldn’t be easier.

First, Some Definitions

A Dedicated Short Code is a 5- or 6-digit number owned and controlled by a company. In our case, Cru has access to all the messages sent to 71326.

An SMS Keyword is a unique alphanumeric word. The word will trigger specific actions. Cru’s action is to send an automatic reply so a ministry partner can donate to you. (See the next section.)

How Text-to-Give Works

  • Each Cru supported staff (in the U.S. HR system) has a keyword connected to short code 71326.
  • Your keyword is your Cru email address (before the @ symbol), with each period replaced by a space. Such as:
    • Cru Email Address: Mickey.Mouse@cru.org
    • Keyword: Mickey Mouse
  • After texting your name (keyword) to 71326, your friend will receive an auto-reply text message, like this, with a link:
    • “Thank you for your interest in Cru missionaries! Here’s your link to learn more or give a gift: give.cru.org/YOURACCOUNTNUMBER?CampaignCode=TXWBST”.

Try It Out

You shouldn’t have any problems, but it’s always good to test before using something new. Try texting your keyword to 71326. If you’re married, either spouse’s name will work. Test them both.

If you have trouble or for more information, check out the Text-to-Give FAQ page.

Why Offer Text-to-Give to Your Ministry Partners

According to Campaign Monitor, text messages have almost a 98% open rate. Also, most people respond within 90 seconds. I’m shocked by the email comparison: only 20% of all emails are opened. The response time is 90 minutes, and we know it can be much longer than that!

These statistics show texting is a significant tool for MPD.

This service, of course, is not like a texting conversation. (I hope you’re texting with your partners.)

Avoid Confusion

When you announce this new Text-to-Give service, try not to confuse people.

Putting a lot of numbers and links on your prayer letter or in other places may confuse people. You may need to send specific options only to certain people.

The short code is not your phone number or Cru’s phone number. (People have tried calling short codes.)

When to Use Text-to-Give as an MPD Tool

Here are some ideas for using this service as an MPD tool. 

First of all, decide whether a direct link to your give site is better than using the shortcode. If the short code would be better consider:

  • Adding the code on your prayer letter, leaving piece, or business card.
  • Using the code at MPD appointments with individuals, groups, or churches.
  • Add the code to your web page or social media site.
  • Make a bookmark or magnet with your photo and the code (see next section.)
  • You could send a message alerting your partners to the new service. Start a texting conversation and mention the new code when appropriate. (Use texting for relationships, so don’t send the code too often.)

Free Text-to-Give Insert Template

It’s The Time of Year for EOYA

I’m getting started working on our End of Year Ask (EOYA). I’ll enclose a bookmark-sized insert to some partners about the Text-to-Give service. I used Cru’s colors and font. (I’m sharing my template with you.)

If you’d like a different look, I found more designs for your Text-to-Give announcement. One of these ideas should work well as a refrigerator magnet. (See the examples on this page at the U.S. Short Code Directory. )

What are your ideas of how to share this new Text-to-Give service with your ministry partners?

EOYA TIP: Make sure your give page has your current photo and information.

(Need help? See my post: Important Changes to Your Cru Give Site.)


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