Your Opportunity to Pray for One Million to Hear the Gospel

In March, Global Media Outreach began praying for “One Million People Days,” asking God to bring one million people from around the globe to look for answers about Jesus on their 100 GMO websites.

On March 24th and 25th, over 500 people joined GMO on a global conference call for a 48-hour prayer vigil which was divided into 48 one-hour-long sessions.  They closed the first evening with 1,094,614 visitors to all the sites and 111,859 indicated decisions for Christ, including an amazing 13,514 requests for follow-up. This gave 6,200 GMO volunteer Online Missionaries the opportunity to engage these new believers in discipleship.

The next day was even more incredible! One donor asked, “What would happen if we prayed for 1.5 million instead of one million?” As March 25th closed, the results were: 1,531,459 visitors, 144,030 indicated decisions, and 16,016 requesting follow-up and discipleship.

This outreach has paved the way for more “Million People Days.”   The next Million People Days are on April 20th, Good Friday and Easter Sunday.  As I write this, people are praying 9 AM to 9 PM EST today if you would like to pray, even for 15 minutes.

By following this link, you’ll be directed to a phone number and a code to enter.  Prayer sessions start on the hour, but you can call at anytime.   The leader will explain how you can participate by praying aloud if you would like to do so. Or you can just listen and agree in your heart with the prayers.

Your only cost may be for long distance charges; however, you may also use Skype or another VoIP service (phone calls over the internet).

Join the group who are praying right now (or on Friday or Sunday).

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