Pin It! Using Pinterest as a Means of Ministry

I personally have not yet taken the plunge into Pinterest, but I know many who have.  Perhaps busyness keeps me from jumping in head first, or maybe laziness keeps me from having one more log in screen to add to my daily regime.  So I admire the ladies who have not only made time to pin, but who also take time to pin with purpose.  Let’s take a look at three women in particular whose daily walk with Christ reflects in their online activities.

Amanda just completed her internship with CRU at USF.  As a local fellow staff, I had the opportunity to get to know her a little better during her time in Tampa.  When asked to describe how she pins with purpose, she explained it this way, “I would think the most ministry would be on my quotes board…I pin a lot of scripture, C.S. Lewis, etc. and then my followers see it.”  In addition to posting positive Christian messages to her personal site, Amanda has used ideas from Pinterest for party planning with CRU.  She also blesses the students she disciples with ideas she finds, “I’ve given gifts to my discipleship girls based off of my ‘pinspiration’ as I like to call it,” Amanda explained.

Allison also likes to gain inspiration from Pinterest.  After completing her internship and recently joining full-time staff with Athletes in Action, she shared how she finds creative ways to minster, “I find Pinterest helpful in my ministry to gain ideas for hosting and gift giving.  There are so many unique recipes that would be great for entertaining, whether for Bible study, Women’s night, etc.”  She and her husband are currently taking time to raise support, so finding creative gift giving ideas on a budget as a means to bless friends and supporters will serve her well thanks to Pinterest.

Renee is a friend of mine who builds up her sisters in Christ through her ministry of hospitality.  She has recently used Pinterest to host baby showers for her friends from church.  She pulls ideas ranging from food to decorations, making the most of her hostessing experience to bless others.  As a mother, she also finds great ideas to make simple homemade recipes and craft ideas that appeal to her family.

So no matter what your season in life, using Pinterest as a means of ministry is an effective way to bless people like Amanda does by posting scripture for others to read, or the way Allison does in gift giving, or in the way Renee reaches out to her friends and family.  What are some ways you have found to use Pinterest as a ministry?

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2 thoughts on “Pin It! Using Pinterest as a Means of Ministry

  1. I will pin good photography and books as well as important news stories. I use my pins to draw attention to good content on CCC blogs, to try to inspire to action and ministry, and to give glory to God as Creator and Sovereign.

    I’m pinning at If you want to find some other CCC pinners, the majority on my friends list are staff at this time


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