Power Bar Webinars

PowerBar 750x380

Did you notice the PowerBar webinars advertised on the Staff Web?

The PowerBar originated as a “help desk” at CSU2013 and now offers weekly webinars taught by fellow staff members. These webinars can help you learn how to use tech tools such as Google Mail, MissionHub, MPDx and more. Besides helping you with your ministry, you’ll also be able to collaborate during the webinar with other staff already using these tools.

The webinars are held on Google Hangouts on Air, which records the hangout for later viewing. The first nine people to sign up join the Hangout while anyone else watches the webinar live on the PowerBar’s YouTube page  (viewers can also submit questions to the trainer). If you miss any of these, you can always watch past webinars on the YouTube page.

Set time aside to seize these opportunities to improve your tech skills so you more effectively serve the people God has entrusted to you. Sign up today so you’ll be one of the nine in the Hangout.

Each webinar begins at 2:00 p.m. Eastern time.  eMail tools4you@cru.org with your questions.

Oct. 18 Creative Ways to Use MissionHub in Ministry
Oct. 25 Recruiting for Winter Conference
Nov. 1 Email at the Speed of Life
Nov. 15 Run Your Ministry in Half the Time
Nov. 22 Drive
Dec. 6 Using MailChimp to Connect With Your Ministry Partners


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