What’s Ahead for You in 2014

2014-you can too 750x380Have you thought about including tech-learning in your personal or ministry goals for next year? Are you ready to make some significant or long-term changes? I’m giving you a heads-up today, so you’ll be aware of what I’m planning for 2014 to help staff with their tech skills. You can also have a say in what those plans could be.

eQuipping for eMinistry has, over time, published a wide variety of information and, hopefully, been an encouragement to you. I  vary topics by audience so that some posts are for beginners and some posts are for intermediate or advanced users. I’ve written heavily on eQuipping topics and plan to do more eMinistry topics.

You-Can-Too Series Coming in 2014

In  January, I’ll begin a year-long series to take Cru staff measurably forward in their tech skills in 2014.

At the beginning of each month, I’ll post a specific, actionable step that staff could learn or apply so that by the end of 2014 they’ll hopefully have made 8 to 12 significant changes in their tech skills (this number will vary per staff member).

You can help decide what these twelve skills should be for the You-Can-Too series by commenting below.

Monthly Posts

I’ll continue to have two posts per week as my schedule allows. Every month I’ll have at least one post in these areas of interest:

  1. eMinistry (sharing your faith on social media, discipling in Hangouts, etc.)
  2. Biblical perspective
  3. A guest post to help a CCC blogger gain exposure
  4. You-can-too post

Are you trying out some eMinistry ideas that you could share with us? (Promoting events through Facebook, texting prayers to financial partners, keeping your spread-out ministry team connected on Hangouts,…?)

Are you a blogger and would like to guest post on e4e for more exposure for your blogging ministry?

What skills would you recommend for the You-Can-Too series? (Photoediting for prayer letters, a monthly eMail to donors through MailChimp, setting up an evangelistic blog with MailChimp eMails sent out when you post,…?)

The remaining blog posts each month will tend to be about eQuipping (how-to’s, tutorials, events,…).

By the way, have you noticed the MailChimp subscription eMail for eQuipping for eMinistry now includes the entire post that you can even read on your mobile device? No more clicking… unless the post contains a video! (Subscribe here.)

Your input will help shape the content for eQuipping for eMinistry next year. After all, this blog is for you! Thanks so much for reading!

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