The You-Can-Too Series for 2014 Starts Today

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Would you love to make progress in your tech skills, but don’t know where to start or how to go about making changes? Would you be encouraged if you saw measurable progress in your tech skills by the end of this year? Then the You-Can-Too series is for you!

If you want to include tech-learning in your personal or ministry goals for 2014, I have it all mapped out for you, just follow along with as much (or all) of the series that interests you. I have a variety of topics and skills so that you should find something that will be helpful to you. If you remember my announcement of the series, I thought I’d do one topic per month, but now have a plan to post in the series on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month.

What You Could Learn in the Series

I hope the series will help you with these dreams and goals:

  • Are your names and addresses all over the place? Get organized with a central database for your financial partners.
  • Would you like to use social media to be more in touch with important people in your life and ministry?
  • Is this your year to start an evangelistic blog?
  • And more.

In general, these are the planned topics for the year: databases, MailChimp, social media, websites, blogging, prayer letters, and eMails. I’ll cover what you need to know about photos and help you do your fund appeal through TntMPD. When you have a chance, look over the plan to see specifically what might be of interest to you. First, look at the series emphases. What part(s) of the series are you interested in? Social media? MailChimp? Use the color-coding to find the dates for these blog posts. Alternatively, under the “Useful for…” column you can look for only MPD posts, for example, or even only posts about MPD websites. Starting March 4th, I repeat themes, so if you’re only doing one skillset, you really have only one thing to do or learn per month. 

And speaking of MailChimp… it could really take over this plan, so I’m also working on a MailChimp resource page on e4e. Quite a few staff will want to go faster (or start earlier) with MailChimp than my plan shows. Others will need more help than my plan shows. I’ll get the page ready early this year so it’ll help with Cru-related MailChimp needs.

Here’s the calendar so you can add the dates for all these topics in your Google calendar. Follow the link to the calendar. Copy the URL and then open your Google Calendar. Under “Other Calendar” choose “Add by URL.” Paste the URL in, “Add Calendar” and you’re done.

The calendar is also in the right sidebar here on the blog.

Your Friends and… Giveaways!

I hope you’ll let your friends know about this series. It could be a huge help to them and also… you, or they, could be blessed by some of the giveaways. I don’t have those in place, but I’ll let everyone know what these will be.

Are you ready to make some significant or long-term changes?

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Visit the Table of Contents for the You-Can-Too series posts. This is the start of the series. Keep following the series for posts on databases, communication, websites, and social media.


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