How to Make a Stationery Sheet with Cru Official Fonts and Colors

2015 Cru stationeryYears ago, I wrote a post about how to make a stationery sheet with official fonts and colors, using Campus Crusade’s red and blue colors. I’m updating this post today with Cru branding.

I use this stationery when I want to add a personal note in a prayer letter or in a greeting card. Follow this step-by-step guide to make one of your own. (Also see related posts below).

The Most Difficult Step Is First

That is, getting your adult children willingly all in one place for some photos where everyone is smiling and not squinting or blinking or photobombing. Okay, I’m joking… kind of. I remember, too, the younger-children time period was challenging, too.

Of course, you could choose to do a photo of your team on campus or on a recent project. Here again, you may have the occasional photobomber.

How to Make the Stationery

Perhaps all you really need to do is grab one of the Cru stationery templates from the StaffWeb. If however, you’d like a more informal half-sheet with a family or team photo, I’ll explain how I make one.

My document has the following. You may choose to do this slightly differently, of course:

  • Narrow margins
  • Landscape page orientation
  • Two columns ( I print two half sheets per page)
  • The Cru logo is in the upper left
  • The photo is centered and formatted “in line with the text”

Cru Fonts and Colors

We were all given a thumb drive two years ago at CSU2013 with all the branding. If you don’t know where that little bugger is, get your Cru fonts and colors online, so hopefully, you now have access to the Cru icon and fonts and colors for this post to be helpful to you.

The Fonts

Click the link about fonts which briefly explains the usage for the four fonts. If you haven’t yet, download the two free fonts available to staff. To install these fonts, do a Google search for “how to install fonts” for your Mac, Windows PC, or whatever device you’re using.

After the fonts are installed on your computer, the new fonts will display in your drop down list for fonts.

If you noticed, FreightSans Pro is used for captions, so use that under your photo. If you’re typing instead of handwriting on this stationery, use Arial Regular for the body of your letter.

The Colors

Download the Cru style guide for details about the color palette. I chose the Cru Deep Blue to compliment our clothing colors.

To pick the color for your caption for a Windows PC:

  • Blue color changeHighlight the text you wish to change.
  • Choose “more” and then “custom” under font color and you should see this window.
  • Fill in the numbers under RGB from the website for the color you want to use. I changed the Cru Deep Blue to Cru Gold in the example.
  • Click “OK.”.

Click here for a larger image of the finished project.

The different color values and inks are explained on the official site, but as I understand them, they are:

• RGB is the one you want for your printer. (The numbers are for the red, green, and blue mix that will give you the color you want. Skip the rest of this bullet list, unless you’re interested.)
• CMYK for offset printing
• Web is for your web site or blog
• Pantone for tee-shirts, plastic cups, and whatever you can think of

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