The Social Media Ladder

“Conversationalists intrigue me. They’re 56% female, more than any other group in the ladder. While they’re among the youngest of the groups, 70% are still 30 and up.” ~  Empowered, Forrester original blog post 

This diagram was very helpful for me to consider how to make some of the content on eQuipping for eMinistry easier for readers to find material  which is more in line with their interests, ablilities, and ministries.  For the purposes of this blog, I’m going to organize content into these groups of readers:

Creator, Conversationalist, Collector, and Newcomer

Go to Where Are You on the Social Media Ladder? to discover which group you’re in (you may fit into more than one group), and then use the categories for these four e4e groups in the “Table of Contents” in the right sidebar to find blog posts that may instruct, encourage, or challenge you.


  • If you click on the diagram, it’ll be easier to read or use the Ctrl and + keys to zoom.
  • I’m indebted to  Digital Evangelism Issues for alerting me to this data.  See the original post by Tony for some more fascinating links about social media (under Creative Commons License: Attribution)
  • The resarch, image and article are found on the Empowered blog by Forrester.

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