Online Evangelism Ideas for You

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Would you like to share your faith on the Internet? I’ll share some online evangelism ideas in an alphabetical list for you to consider; there are many more.

Online Evangelism Ideas


Any blog can be evangelistic.   I’ll put up a post next week to explain many ideas you could use on your blog. I know you’d like ideas right now, but just wait a week, okay? Thanks! I have enough ideas for an entire post.

Read Marilyn’s excellent eBook on using in your daily witness. A few of her ideas include handing out business cards to people you have spiritual conversations with, sharing articles / videos in your favorite social media, and much more (click here for some ideas).


Set aside an hour for Roger to guide you into ministry on Facebook through a training we held last month.

Laura gives you all the steps anyone can use to reach a people group through Facebook ads.

Tell your story on

Has God moved in your life to overcome fear or anger or guilt? Your story, no matter what it is, can touch someone’s life who identifies with what you’ve gone through. allows people to contact you after they’ve read your story if you’d like to have a spiritual conversation with some who respond. (By the way, I just read He Modified My Genetic Code and was stunned!)

Consider also having your own business card with the link to your story that you can share with people you meet. Roger has done this. Read his story.


I would use the same concepts Roger shares in his Facebook training.

Videos / App

Download the JESUS Film Media app. You’ll be able to share God’s good news with anyone in almost any language right from your mobile device.

It’s possible to use whatever online presence you have for God’s glory. If you aren’t sharing your faith on the Internet, prayerfully consider some of these suggestions.

Do you know of other ways to share your faith online?


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